Agile Manager [EOL] Review

I like the ability to update backlog items from a list view so that you don’t have to pull up each one to update.

Valuable Features

  • The Sprint Closure feature is very helpful to capture the sprint retrospective information.
  • The Storyboard is an easy way to manage the stories at a high level. This can be configured to include more flexible Kanban statuses.
  • The ability to easily filter and sort from multiple screens and then be able to export this information is great. This is a quick way to get reports the way I want to see them.
  • Dashboards are flexible and visible.
  • I also like the ability to update backlog items from a list view so that you don’t have to pull up each one to update. This saves a lot of time.
  • The ability to make mass updates to records saves time.

Improvements to My Organization

The transparency this product gives us has been very valuable. Our business can see how we are doing and we use this during our Release Planning event.

Departments outside of IT are using AGM. They have commented that the product gives them a really good way to manage their work as well.

Room for Improvement

Most of the enhancement requests we have are minor, but the biggest challenge we have is around integrations. Defects seem to integrate well; however, we are still trying to figure out how to get requirements to integrate with how we set ALM up.

Use of Solution

We have been using it for about a year, and it’s still a fairly new product in the marketplace. However, it meets most of our needs and supports the SAFe methodology pretty well.

Deployment Issues

The biggest challenge we have is around integrations.

Stability Issues

It seems to be very stable for me. We haven’t had any significant outages.

Scalability Issues

So far, the product is supporting the needs of both our IT department and our other corporate areas that have been able to use the product.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is good. We have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who has been very invested in our success. She is great to work with.

Technical Support:

Their support is in Israel and Vietnam. Usually, this isn’t a problem, but at times it has caused a delay with resolving more complex integration issues.

Previous Solutions

We used another product previously, but it wasn’t flexible and our teams didn’t feel that it worked as well for enterprise release planning.

Initial Setup

It was very straightforward. We got on a call with their implementation team who gave us recommendations or things to think about when configuring the system. This was a great help so that we set it up "right" the first time. We focused a lot on what our process was going to be and then worked with the tool to have it support these processes. That seemed to work well for us.

Implementation Team

HP was amazing to work with during our implementation. Our timeline was shortened by one month by our upper management and we were able to do it with HP's help. It was very easy compared to other implementations that I’ve seen.


I’m not sure that we have a good ROI measurement at this time. We haven’t spent the time to calculate this. I can say we’ve probably increased the usage of the tool by "non-IT" groups by about 30%. We have gone from 120 users in the old system to 250 with HP Agile Manager.

Other Solutions Considered

  • CA Agile Management
  • JIRA
  • Scrumworks
  • Version One

Other Advice

Make sure you have your processes figured out so that you can set up AGM to support them best. I think this is advice for any tool, though. Talk to other customers to understand how they are using the Themes and Features before setting them up. While it’s easy to change the configuration, I think it would be frustrating to start reporting on it one way and then have to change.

Disclosure: IT Central Station contacted the reviewer to collect the review and to validate authenticity. The reviewer was referred by the vendor, but the review is not subject to editing or approval by the vendor.
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