Apache JMeter Review

User friendly Java tool, but doesn't support SSL recording or non-web apps

Valuable Features:

1. GUI is very user friendly 2. It's a pure Java tool, which enables me to run it on any platform (i.e. platform independent) 3. Free tool & easy to get.

Room for Improvement:

1. It does not support recording SSL 2. Supports only web based applications 3. Cannot change the recorded scripts
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarpmouawad

A few notes about Cons:
1. It does support HTTPS recording
2. It acts at the network level, so other applications are supported , natively JMS, SMTP, POP, Native, LDAP, with commercial extensions GWT, Flex, Java Serialization....
3) The recorded scripts can of course be changed.

author avatarQA Expert with 501-1,000 employees

Few versions of JMeter not supported to record SSL security authentication sites, now recent releases of JMeter supports to record SSL sites.
Even for SSL you can use badboy tool for script recording and execute that script with JMeter tool.

You can customize your recorded scripts by using JMeter there is no issues on this. JMeter supports web applications to test both functional and performance. Hope we expect soon its features are enhanced and it will supports to work with different protocols.

The error handling process are some what difficult to handle when working with JMeter....

author avatarQA Expert at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

Now Jmeter supports SSL. See, detail posts about jmeter from my blog : http://shantonusarker.blogspot.com/p/jmeter.html

author avatarDmitri T.
Real User

JMeter DOES support SSL
JMeter DOES support LDAP, Database, Mail, FTP, etc. and can be easily extended with any protocol as plugin or as built-in extension like Beanshell - http://blazemeter.com/blog/queen-jmeters-built-componentshow-use-beanshell
JMeter scripts can be correlated with pre and post processors, variables, properties.