AppDynamics Review

We looked into New Relic and Hyperic but chose AppDynamics for their metrics which provides us with a complete picture

Valuable Features

The fact that we can track all steps from a transaction and find the relation with the OS. With the metrics AppDynamics provides us with, we have a complete picture to draw conclusions.

Improvements to My Organization

We have already found memory leaks in some systems. And also some SQL calls to the DB that cause issues.

Room for Improvement

We miss more information for tweaks at the OS level and resource usage. Also making the integration with AppDynamics easier would be a good improvement.

Use of Solution

7 months

Deployment Issues

No, we didn't encounter any issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

Sometimes the dashboard and some screens flick and run with information.

Scalability Issues

No, at the moment we have in all systems and we are not finding any trouble or bottle-necking.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: Their response times are really good and they're knowledge about the product.Technical Support: Excellent!

Initial Setup

No, we always look for the simplest ways. We run the implementation without any issues.

Implementation Team

We implemented in-house.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

What I can say is that we didn't have any surprises with regards to cost. Everything was clear from the beginning.

Other Solutions Considered

We looked into several different products but never integrated any of them. We mainly looked at Hyperic and New Relic.

Other Advice

Sizing of the product in term of the server to run it or architecture is the secret to success.
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What the was user group size for which you implemented AppDynamics and monitored performance for it?

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Mainly it was for developers and our app support team. We are talking about 80 people accounts and 5 to 10 simultaneously.

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ok, nice to know about it !! Hope you have a good experience with Appdynamics and would also recommend it to others !!