AppDynamics Review

We can monitor end-user experience, which gives us browser-rendering and client-side info (OS, browser, network time, etc.).

Valuable Features

It provides great tools for monitoring and managing all the different environments of Dev, QA, and Prod with different needs but from a common interface.

It's very light and monitoring overhead is minimal.

And because it's also a SaaS-based application, it can be accessed by all team members from anywhere at any time.

Improvements to My Organization

Now application monitoring has become much easier.

Transaction identification and locking it for monitoring is much easier now, with lots of flexibility to change things on the run.

AppDynamics can identify and segregate unique transactions based on parameters, URL, data value, etc., which makes things very easy and organized.

The tool also has a nice feature for monitoring end-user experience. This provides us with browser-rendering and client-side info (OS, browser, network time, etc.). Getting all this information on a common platform has been of great value and use to us.

Room for Improvement

It could be integrated with more performance-testing tools for more intensive use.

Use of Solution

6 months +

Deployment Issues

There is nothing very complex in the deployment, but we may face some connectivity and configuring issues. However, it all depends on the environment in which we install the tool (security policy, certificates required, etc). But all the issues have been one-time occurrences, and maintaining and upgrading it is quite simple once the certificates and the network requirements were identified.

Stability Issues


Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The customer service is quite good and prompt.

Technical Support:


Initial Setup

The initial setup is very simple and not complex. It is quite straightforward, but we faced some initial issues with certificates, network, and firewall. The support team, however, is always available for setup and troubleshooting.

But for small and simple environments, it's quite simple. Just 3-4 steps.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

This solution is worth the price, which is based on the number of servers you want to monitor. So if you want a good and complete monitoring solution, the cost is worth it.

Other Solutions Considered

Site Scope, Introscope, CEM and a few more. But AppDynamics met our dynamic and varied requirements.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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