Aruba ClearPass Review

Reliable solution for our guest network access as well as mobile device registration.

Valuable Features

It's a reliable solution for our guest network access as well as mobile device registration.

Improvements to My Organization

The key functionality we're using is Active Directory in unison with device authentication, so every 45 days a user has to log in their password on their mobile phone so that you can use WiFi services in the office. We're going to be looking at ClearPass to do device authentication, which means the users will only have to register the device once and never have to re-enter the password again.

Room for Improvement

It was a complex solution to set up because of its newness. We needed a third-party implementor to help us.

Use of Solution

It's a brand new installation for us, and we've only had it for a month.

Deployment Issues

So far, we haven't had any issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

From what we've seen it's been pretty stable.

Scalability Issues

Right now, it's scaled. We're using it for guest internet services and it seems to be working pretty well. Our next phase with that would be to roll in for device registration as we roll out to our mobile device strategy.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

10/10 for HP and 8/10 for the third-party.

Technical Support:

We haven't really run into any support issues yet. On the integration side, there's obviously some expertise with the vendor, which is going to help us take care of some issues in the future, but it hasn't really been a difficult product to support.

Previous Solutions

We decommissioned other options. We had another, but we've since decoupled it and are now using ClearPass to do that.

Initial Setup

Because of its newness it was complex, but the end result was pretty straightforward.

Implementation Team

We did need a third party to come in and help us do the implementation. We had some initial help from an HP engineer on the Aruba side who spent some time with us, showing us an evaluation version of it, but when we went into production we had to get a third party to help us.


We're not really calculating ROI for the service. It's a necessary service delivered by IT to the corporation.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

We're currently doing an entire refresh of our access point network, which is approximately 80 access points across the country. We've recently acquired all new hardware. We're refreshing the entire footprint.

Other Solutions Considered

Because Aruba was our primary vendor for our access points, it just made more sense for us to try to consolidate more services towards the new strategy.

Other Advice

It's only providing a very small service to us right now. It's not like we're looking at ClearPass on a very full-blown basis. My advice would be to just make sure to do a proper spectrum analysis, and each of your properties are areas that you intend to put WiFi, because it will be critical to where you put APs and how closely you put them together.

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