AutoSys Workload Automation Review

The reporting facility of the product helps me to identify problematic jobs in the environment. The graphical interface is not 24/7 for us.

Valuable Features

It provides us with reliable scheduling of various business workloads. There are various service-level agreements, such as payroll, that need to be met at a certain period of time and if they're not met, there's going to be trouble. The reporting facility of the product helps me to identify problematic jobs in the environment.

Room for Improvement

The reliability issues need to be resolved. We have some patches that need to be applied and that's our next step to trying to get this thing resolved. In particular, one of the issues is licensing, so that could become a real problem for you if you're in a very large environment. It could get very costly if you want to scale this product out. It will scale, technically, but licensing may prevent that from happening.

I'd also like better reporting and a better UI.

Stability Issues

It has issues and is not entirely stable. For example, the graphical interface is not 24/7 for us.

Scalability Issues

Just 8-10 people are using it as we're not a big shop.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have some of the other team members handle technical issues as it takes a lot of time to diagnose stuff. If I can't get past an issue, I turn it over to one of the other guys and let them work on it. But, no, I have not dealt with CA in their support infrastructure.

Initial Setup

I was not involved in the setup. I'm relatively new with the company, but have a lot of experience with scheduling.

Other Solutions Considered

For the most part it compares similarly to IBM and they each have their pluses and minuses. They both scale out and they're both found in very large environments.

Other Advice

One piece of advice I can give is training. You need to have some sort of a background in this in order to use this product effectively. If you're not trained up, you're not going to be successful with it.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user289056 (Enterprise IT Management Consultant with 51-200 employees)
Top 5Vendor

A somewhat surprising review...

CA WAAE will easily scale up to 50,000 jobs a day per single instance and more if the jobs starts are relatively evenly distributed in time. The vendor claim and a quarter of a million with the recent service pack3 improvements (not verified) which introduce new threads for handling agent communications.
The UI (WCC) is relatively poor but will scale up to tens of concurrent users and hundreds of defined views (we have over 300 defined users and over 100 jobflow views per instance). A lot of development effort has been spent by the vendor to improve the UI and this is still on-going. The UI is 24/7, the issues are elsewhere.
Bear in mind that the strength of of CA WAAE (Autosys) is its relative simplicity, which enables both administrators and end users to get up to speed with it quickly and start getting value from it in a matter of days. Therefore it is logical the that UI is always going to be somewhat less rich than some more complex and feature rich products.
As far as stability, yes there are some issues: not so with the UI though but with the application server. Also the security module (EEM) cluster failover seems somewhat unreliable and prone to corruption (for instance if you run out of disk space the settings will get corrupt as some xml settings file get clobbered).
The built-in application cluster is old fashion and a bit slow to fail over. More modern technologies should be considered for resilience.
Re. SLA and deadline monitoring, the base product does lack functionality although the reviewer suggests otherwise. Some useful improvements are in the road map but more importantly this aspect if very well covered by complementary products such as iDash or JAWS.
Lastly on the licencing aspect, this is obviously a matter between the vendor and one's organisation but be informed that there is nothing in the product that will block or preempt any functionality based on licence (expiration or limit etc.), except for some of the advanced agents plugins which do not come out of the box and need to be purchased separately.

I hope this helps