Avada Software Infrared360 Review
It has user group privileges that allow you to set up security roles in the system.

Improvements to My Organization

One way it's helped the business is how you're able to empower MQ users, without your administrators, to be able to do different types of processes in the environment. It has user group privileges that allow you to set up security roles in the system. You can allocate permissions and actions that other users can do to maintain different MQ tasks so that you don't have to. The administrator doesn't have to do all the work. They can delegate some of the work to people to do what that they're capable of doing, without risking access to parts of the system you don't need other people in.

Valuable Features

The administration piece makes it very easy to do MQ administration. It gives us a lot more flexibility and capabilities.

Room for Improvement

Some of the graphics in the interface could be improved. It's pretty basic. Some interfaces are not up to what you're used to seeing on other, more Windows-like tools.

I don't think it's a bad thing, but that might be an area where I would probably make it a little more Windows-like, Microsoft-like. When you work with Apple or Microsoft, they have a style that you're used to and any other app you bring up follows that same kind of template. I think IR360 just used their own template.

It's not a bad thing. It's just something you get used to once you're using the tool. I think in their latest version, they have actually done a lot of that to uniformly match the operating system.

The interface just needs to keep improving to where it looks more and more like other applications. Then, when new users come in, it's not as hard for them to learn and navigate around the environment. It's easy to navigate once you understand how they set their GUI up. It would be something similar to how Windows or Excel follow a certain platform design and you know exactly how they work. If they look at installing some standard templates like other applications use, it will be easier for a brand new user to jump in there and navigate around the tool.

Stability Issues

It has always worked. It's a little, lightweight product and it works great. It always did what I set it up to do.

Scalability Issues

It's a pretty straightforward tool. I know customers that have it hooked up to thousands of MQ managers. It's very scalable. It's very easy to implement and use. It's not really something that's difficult.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I give them a 5/5. Their customer service is second to none. They are open to any kind of suggestion you want to do to improve the product. They're quick to actually implement it. They take a lot of enhancement requests and they put that into the systems. They're always open to improving the product.

If you ever have a problem, they're quick to respond. One of the best things about their product is if there are any types of things you don't understand how it works or you need to get something changed, they're great about that. They're quick to help you if you're running into some kind of issue. I love their customer service.

Previous Solutions

We used IBM Candle. We've used BMC, which was a hard-to-set-up, hard-to-manage, client-based software that’s too cumbersome to manage. It was extremely hard to set up and manage. The setup of a lot of the products I review is hard to maintain. They're just hard to administrate and not very flexible with what you want do with them. I found I360 to be very flexible to do everything you want to do. It was a monitoring and administration tool. A lot of the monitoring tools I've used before, are either administration or monitoring tools. This was both.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward. It's just a simple Tomcat application. Once you have it installed, it's a basic setup as long as you have a pretty straightforward environment. They are really good about helping you get it set up and assist you from start to finish.

Other Solutions Considered

At one time, we used Candle. It's IBM now. Before we upgraded to our I360, we were using another product that was really bad. I suggested they bring in I360. We had an evaluation with it and everyone liked it. It's what we've gone with.

Other Advice

I would definitely use it beyond a monitoring tool. But, I would also use it to set up the systems and to get other people involved; not just a monitoring tool for administrative use. I would definitely branch out and extend the capabilities where you empower other people. They can do a lot of the simple tasks in MQ management and development all the way up to other operations teams being able to do their own monitoring. I would definitely expand it where it's not just one team managing it and using it. I would definitely leverage it to a lot different teams in your organization.

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