Avaya Ethernet Switches Review

High performance switches that provide Fast as well as Gigabit Ethernet and can be easily administered

Valuable Features:

1. Avaya 4524 Ethernet switch provides network interface with 24 ports of 10/100/1000 type. There are four additional ports that can be easily configured for uplinking 2. It supports virtual hot swappable feature where in the switch can be easily takeover requests from other switch which is momentarily down. This is completely transparent to the end user and thus improves overall responsiveness. 3. It can be easily wall mounted or rack mounted as needed. 4. All of 24 network interface ports can be connected via RJ45 connectors 5. The switch can be remotely controlled and monitored using various remote management protocols like SNMP, RMON, telnet, HTTP, HTTPS etc. This eases the process of remote administration. 6. Supports advanced features like Virtual LAN (VLAN).

Room for Improvement:

1. One of the problems we found while administering the device was the lack of connecting cable compatibility. The only console cable supported is the one that comes with the device and you cannot just plug any of the standard console cable.

Other Advice:

Avaya 4500 series Ethernet Switches provide a large number of features not usually found in other well-known switches. One of the reasons we selected this product was the per port cost ratio as it is very low while compared to other similar products. The device can be remotely managed using various remote management protocols like SNMP, RMON, and HTTP etc. We did face problems while finding the right connecting cable for administering the device, but once the device is on the network it can be easily managed. We also found the web interface for managing the device, to be very useful

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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