AWS Lambda Review

Enables us to develop services quickly and easily in any language for deployment on the cloud

What is our primary use case?

Primarily, I work with all my clients to provide them with solutions. We are a service company, so we work with clients to define and build applications that resolve their need for automation issues. I create the solutions, and then there is a delivery team of mine which works to deliver that solution to the client.  

What is most valuable?

The thing that I have found most valuable in Lambda is primarily the ease of developing the services we distribute. We can easily develop the solutions using any language which is available today — this includes all the primary and new-age languages.  

Secondly, because it is a cloud service technology, we do not have to worry about the infrastructure behind the solutions we provide. Everything is all on the cloud and there is no maintenance and we have to do no monitoring of the architecture. The time and expense of maintenance are taken care of by the platform itself. Those are the things that we like most about it.  

What needs improvement?

There are certain limitations to some services in Lambda which will have to be overcome over time. Primarily, I think there are two aspects of the product that are in most need of improvement.  

One is, of course, the customization. The process of customizing should be simplified.  

The other is specifically in the area of integration. The configuration requirements for the services which would be desirable to integrate with Lambda are not always as easy to utilize as they should be. For example, the opportunities we have to integrate solutions with the world outside of the cloud are not well supported. These integrations are supported well inside the cloud but some clients need to support solutions outside the cloud. If somebody has that need we should be able to deploy integrations with products and services outside the cloud as well. 

So those are the two drawbacks and potential areas for improvement area which I would like to see corrected in AWS. Those features need to be updated because the current functionality of the product is not competitive enough today with other products in the category. I think with time they have to improve and add new features or offer other ways of integrating new services.  

For how long have I used the solution?

I have been working for more than a year now on Lambda AWS (Amazon Web Services) solutions, designing the real-time applications, services, and similar types of solutions for automated response.  

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Stability-wise, Lambda needs some improvement because it has constraints that cause issues with task completion. What I mean by constraints is that there are some limitations to the number of minutes that a process can run and then execute. If the process continues to run and goes beyond that limit, it will time out. Those kinds of things are built into the nature of the product. Probably with time I think this is an area where the company will need to add new features or functionality to improve the behavior.  

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

Lambda definitely is scalable and to a great extent because it does not require any kind of additional infrastructure for the clients. It just is just a lot less trouble to deploy. You can extend and auto-scale to any level. So, the scalability is very good.  

Our clients are large-sized enterprise businesses so certainly the product can scale up to meet their needs.  

How are customer service and technical support?

The support from AWS is fine. I am quite definitely satisfied with their support system.  

How was the initial setup?

I would say the setup is straightforward. I think that most of the development is really straightforward in nature. The solutions have to develop based on some use-cases defined by the client organization. When these are defined, we are just meeting the needs of the organization by building the solution to do what they need. So the setup and implementation are all pretty straightforward.  

What other advice do I have?

I would definitely recommend AWS Lambda. There are a lot of successful test cases both with our clients and other startups which are doing really well using Lambda as a solution.  

On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate AWS Lambda as an eight-out-of-ten. That would be the right number at this time considering the product is lacking in some areas.  

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?

Public Cloud

If public cloud, private cloud, or hybrid cloud, which cloud provider do you use?

Amazon Web Services (AWS)
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