Azul Zing Review

It has pauseless garbage collection. It was almost a drop-in replacement for the Oracle JVM.

Valuable Features

The pauseless garbage collection is the primary feature. ReadyNow is becoming more and more important.

Improvements to My Organization

As we provide real-time, low-latency trading solutions, any 'pause' in the application flow can cause serious financial risks to our customers. We used to spend numerous hours tuning each release, and then each customer site, in order to minimize the length of pauses in the standard Java runtime. With Zing, we've now been able to re-allocate those tuning resources to general product development.

Room for Improvement

The performance monitoring is not sufficient for certain types of performance optimization and problem diagnosis. Development often needs to run the application under a different JVM in order to perform these functions.

Use of Solution

I have used it for four years+.

Stability Issues

We have encounter stability issues and that has been a source of frustration at times. Azul has been very responsive in correcting the issues, but when dealing with mission-critical enterprise software - which we deliver - the core/system-level components need to have near-perfect reliability or the entire system is affected.

Scalability Issues

We have not hit any scalability limits, nor do we have concerns in this area.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The Zing software is very sophisticated, so even Azul's first-line technical support personnel are extremely knowledgeable, but often due to the exacting nature of our requirements, we are referred to Level 2 and beyond. Azul is an engineering company, and in our view, employs highly qualified engineers.

Previous Solutions

We use to use the Oracle JVM and switched due to the application pauses due to GC. Even the latest Oracle/OpenJDK G1 collector does not come close to the performance of Zing.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was very straightforward, almost a drop-in replacement for the Oracle JVM. The Azul marketing position of 'zero configuration' is a bit of a stretch in our case, since in order to achieve optimum performance, some configuration and tuning are required.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Azul Zing can be expensive to deploy based on the environment, but for certain types of installations, there is no other option.

Other Solutions Considered

Before choosing this product, we reviewed the Oracle, OpenJDK and IBM J9 virtual machines.

Other Advice

For many classes of applications, alternative JVMs might provide sufficient low-pause operation that Zing is not required. That being said, we don't use the 'ultra large heap capability' of Zing that many applications would benefit from.

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