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We were using Excel spreadsheets to manage our top indicators but moved to BIME to provide us with management dashboards

Looking for a way to easily distribute relevant business indicators to our national network of salary porting franchises, we chose BIME to provide us with management dashboards.

Each franchise manages its own office relying on a strong back office made of a home-made web tool and an organized MySQL database. At the end of each month, as part of the quality procedure, the franchisees used to fill in an Excel file including some twenty indicators which were then sent to the franchisor for both analysis and consolidation.

This solution wasn’t feasible for our franchise development and was tedious for the franchisees. We had to make the procedure easier so that the franchisees could avoid filling the Excel table with potential typing errors.

I had a precise idea regarding the requirements to maximize the recovering and circulation of the dashboards. Knowing well the traditional BI solutions, we couldn’t return to their operating model advocating a structure of server-client, price and integration necessity.

Looking for a solution that doesn’t require investing in an infrastructure nor managing servers, we naturally went into the Cloud. The Cloud choice was part of the prerequisites since the very beginning because we didn’t have internal IT resources, neither could we afford consultants to develop analysis and dashboards. Finally, the last selection criteria falled on the price, the facility of rolling-out and the software offering good possibilities for development.

Further to the ownership and the BIME training, the setting up was fast since after only one week the first dashboards were created. We created several dashboards to track the turnover, balance and contracts.

The dashboards are used by three distinct groups within the network:

  • The franchisees through management dashboards
  • The franchisor for the benchmarks
  • The administration for management tasks

The rolling-out of the dashboards had a snowball effect. The first analysis enabled us to realize that they had to refine the indicators’ definitions. The adoption was immediate- the franchisees used the analysis and asked for more straight away.

With a few months hindsight, a significant time saving was noticed as for the information production and the data quality matching both when it comes to our franchisees and the franchisor.

We’re now thinking about the publication of new indicators. The BIME solution allows us to observe the current situation compared to an historical view permitting us to make decisions. Each franchisee will soon be able to track its own progress according to the goals they’ve set.

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