BIME Analytics Review

It's given us the ability to quickly plot data with an expansive set of graphs and data blending capabilities.

Valuable Features

The ability to quickly plot data with an expansive set of graphs and data blending capabilities. Additionally, the product has a vast array of data connectors available which makes bringing in new data sets fairly simple.

Improvements to My Organization

For this product, we actually incorporated the dashboarding capabilities into an application we are building for one of our clients. Our clients love the dashboarding and analytics capabilities that it provides. BIME has allowed our organization to quickly chart data after we built a successful data management and warehousing capability. Essentially, it is the tip of the iceberg, but an essential one nonetheless.

Room for Improvement

I come from using Excel for my charting capabilities. Whereas BIME clearly surpasses Excel on many fronts with regards to interactive charting, there are areas where small formatting features are not available.

Use of Solution

I've used it for six months.

Stability Issues

We have not encountered any issues with stability.

Scalability Issues

We have not encountered any issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

BIME has been very responsive thus far and we have been sending in features requests that we would like to see incorporated into the product. Similarly, BIME has take a very collaborative relationship with its customers and partners.

Previous Solutions

I have used a number of products, from Tableau, Cognos, Klipfolio, OBIFS, SSRS, Crystal Reports, Excel etc. We choose BIME because it was a value-based solution with great visualization and data blending capabilities. We further enhance the capabilities of the platform by building a warehouse around our enterprise dataset and utilize BIME for the frontend.

Initial Setup

We found the initial setup to be fairly straightforward, with good documentation and customer support. BIME has a great ability to cache data for fast access, good iframing and mobile responsiveness, as well as SSO capabilities and integration.

Implementation Team

Treehouse Technology Group acted as the vendor for the implementation and provided first-tier support for the product, initially with BIME’s assistance.

Other Advice

As with any Data Warehousing project, the visualization tool is only as good as the warehouse underneath. Treehouse Technology Group architected an enterprise platform that has allowed it clients easy and fast access to their data to uncover insights and drive value. BIME has accelerated Treehouse’s ability to execute on high visibility products by significantly decreasing the time to market for our products, especially during periods of rapid prototyping. Treehouse has focused on going from data to dashboard in 30 days and BIME has facilitated our capabilities.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Treehouse Technology Group is both a customer and a partner of BIME, but was a customer first.
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