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Fast results and easy deployment. Customer service is excellent.

I’ve been using Bizagi now for three and a half years and give it 4.5 stars (out of 5). Before choosing Bizagi, we looked into other BPMs (including Tibco iProcess, Bonita, and ProcessMaker), and chose Bizagi because of its fast results and easy deployment. (The easy deployment is due to the powerful wizards which streamline all design and automation processes – we consider this the most valuable feature of Bizagi.)

We have used Bizagi to industrialize a supply chain (specifically, a software environment with many technical stacks in different departments). Thanks to the web portal, we had a global vision of where we were (environment portfolio management), and were able to drive the complete process with Bizagi’s unique tool which integrated our other applications (mail, intranet applications, etc.). Over time, it has been quite interesting to be able to analyze the process routes (BAM and analytics features) to see how long it takes to get from one milestone to the next, and where the bottlenecks are.

Once the first stage of this process is complete, we were then able to learn more about our organization.

The process modeler is quite a nice product, but the most powerful UI is the integration part (SOA and REST web service) that we use to realize all the mapping between the Bizagi data model and the other third-application model (XSLT generation on-the-fly to transform input/output data).

Environment (dev/test/live) management is also handled by the tool, so really everything is done for you!

In terms of stability, we had to tune our environment (JVM memory and server configuration), but that’s just due to our usage, and not the product!

We haven’t had any trouble running Bizagi alongside our Glassfish environment (running on Linux with an Oracle 10g database). We also haven’t had any scalability issues.

Initial setup of Bizagi was straightforward and easy thanks to the wizard (we implemented Bizagi with our in-house team). There is good split-vision for environment management: development, as well as test and live environments.

Bizagi enables environment customization (variable adaptation regarding the target environment, etc.). The tool handles database management and application server settings, and directly maps everything in the Bizagi Studio. It’s very powerful!

In terms of ROI, we save about 50% on the amount of time it takes us to deliver.

Bizagi customer service is excellent. In fact, thanks to the customer support portal, we now have an efficient tool to check our open tickets. They provide detailed, to-the-point answers quickly. Their technical support staff is perfect. I’m a technical consultant and we had to discuss some issues with technical support to adapt their authentication system to work with ours. We managed to reach the integration within two days (following JEE standard) and adapt the deployment workflow to each environment – it was quite efficient, and nice collaboration!

If others were looking to implement this product, I’d advise them to start small and make a prototype so they can better see how the tool will help them. You don’t have to think about a big project, but rather identify a process that has many gaps between departments or that has a long waiting time or that’s running around different technologies (mail/Excel sheets/intranet application), and then use Bizagi to drive the process through this particular ecosystem. You’ll find that it’s easy to industrialize such workflows and see direct benefits :-) !

**Disclosure: IT Central Station contacted the reviewer to collect the review and to validate authenticity. The reviewer was referred by the vendor, but the review is not subject to editing or approval by the vendor.
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Thanx Sébastien for sharing valuable info about Bizagi

author avatarNeil Simpson
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This is a great detailed review. Question: how do you typically calculate and demonstrate your ROI? Do you use the simulation feature in modeler, time studies, measurements in the Analytics reports?