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Try Bizagi first, it’s fast process-making capabilities makes it an excellent option

I’ve been using Bizagi for two years now, and find that the most valuable feature is its dynamic and quick ability to create processes. I used to use Oracle Business Process Management, but switched to Bizagi because Oracle was too complex to use due to its large amount and mix of plug-ins. (I also considered using Intalio, but ultimately chose Bizagi instead.)

Bizagi does have some room for improvement, specifically in the creation of components and its documentation. For example, if you need a text box to receive only numbers, and a regular expression is used, the input is validated just until the activity is sent or saved.

We didn’t encounter any issues with deployment, stability or scalability, and found setup simple. We are implementing Bizagi with a team of three developers who are very experienced with Bizagi. I’d give customer/technical support an 8 out of 10 rating.

In terms of ROI, we’re still evaluating our costs, so don’t yet have specific numbers.

I’d advice others to try Bizagi before trying other, similar BPM tools – Bizagi’s approach to create and execute processes faster makes it an excellent option.

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author avatarit_user104598 (Data Scientist, Team Lead at a marketing services firm)

It goes without saying that each BPM has its pros and cons, and different BPMs are suited to different companies. I’ve heard great things about Bizagi, but I couldn’t help noticing your second paragraph about the text fields…

As a user of AuraPortal BPM, I just wanted to share my experience with you. When including a text field in a form in AuraPortal, it can be set at Open or Limited. If it is Limited, AuraPortal offers many different options to condition how the text can be introduced in execution. It is possible the determine how the text must start or finish, whether it must contain uppercase, lowercase, HTML characters (useful for preventing users from introducing malicious code which could affect the execution of the form), numbers, minimum or maximum characters, whether it should (or not) contain specific text, etc. It is also possible to set the field to hide the text (behind asterisks) and specify whether it will only accept text in email address or URL format. It is even possible to personalize the warning message that appears when the text introduced in the field is not within the established limits and therefore not accepted. And this is not just the case with text fields… the configuration options really are endless.

AuraPortal amicably leads the user designing the process form through the different options for them to select the way they want the fields to behave, and at the end of the configuration, it allows them to test the behavior to check what will happen in execution.

But apart from this general configuration, the behavior of each field can be modified and adapted depending on where it is used. For example, it can be set as editable or read-only, its appearance can be conditioned, its value calculated, etc.

And all this is possible without requiring any programming whatsoever. The system internally generates the code while the modeler diagrams and configures to process.