BiZZdesign Review

I used the software to import catalogs with applications, interfaces, contracts, and other artifacts, but the interface is outdated and only available for Windows.

Valuable Features

BiZZdesign Architect makes separates model from views and has a quite extensive set of analytical stuff built in to be very useful in complex environments. Typically enterprise architecture management and strategic portfolio planning can be supported with these tools as the architecture capability matures.

Improvements to My Organization

Next to a useful tool for strategic planning it is really helpful in a less mature environment as well. I used the software to easily import catalogs with applications, interfaces, contracts, and many other artifacts to start the modeling of my scope of concern pretty fast and come to compelling results for a plateau planning and roadmap.

Room for Improvement

It is only available for Windows right now and it really is an outdated interface and framework that is being used. As a Mac worker I really hate that and therefore any other product with less features would be considered a really good alternative.

I find the licensing model not fitting the market.

Use of Solution

10 years

Deployment Issues

Nope. No issues with deployment. Easy installer. It just works.

Stability Issues

Yes, it can crash. Save your work frequently!

Scalability Issues

Nope, no issues and no need.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Good - 8

Technical Support:

Good - 8

Previous Solutions

I used Archi at first but this is only for creating views and not for maintaining a model, which in the core is the real architectural work.

Initial Setup

Straight forward. You have to tune to get the best practice results out of the tool. A course is highly recommended.

Implementation Team




Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

You need good tools. Just choose one and be good at it!

Other Solutions Considered

Yes but not to much. I was certified in the tool, archimate and togaf at Bizzdesign headquarters so it is mainly because of that, that I use this product.

Other Advice

Choose wisely. I did not take the time to investigate on other tools until now. I am willing to let Bizzdesign Architect go for a good Mac solution that also has a separation in model, views and analytics.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Head of Enterprise Architecture (Applications) at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employeesReal User

Hi Marc,
I see that you are also interested in Sparx and Mood. Are you in any position to comment on these compared to BizzDesgin?


25 January 16
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