BMC Helix ITSM Review

Assets can be managed in the CMDB and Asset Management application. Any activity to be scheduled, such as weekly maintenance activity or change requests, can be raised at the same time.

Valuable Features

  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Problem management
  • Knowledge management

Improvements to My Organization

In BMC Remedy, their foundation data is well organized. A customer will raise a request through the self-service tool (BMC SRM), and the ticket will go to the help desk through automatic routing. The help desk will check the incident and assign it to the right support team. Once the ticket is assigned, the SLA will start. The support team should then work as per the SLA defined for the particular request. A ticket can be raised though email, or events depending on the integration with other monitoring tools.

Assets in the organization can be managed in the CMDB and Asset Management application. Any activity to be scheduled in the organization, such as weekly maintenance activity or change requests, can be raised at the same time and the scheduled time can be defined.

For recurring Incidents, a problem ticket can be raised and the root cause of the problem can be found. For resolving any incident, a knowledge base article can be created which will contain the solution of of the issue.

Room for Improvement

Many things still need improvement, and they are mostly related to the customization aspects of the tool.

Use of Solution

I've been using it for five years.

Deployment Issues

There is no such issue while deploying the application in the environment as long as you follow best practice as defined by BMC.

Stability Issues

BMC Remedy is stable with one improvement with the recent version. Currently, 9.0.01 is the latest stable release and v9.1 will be released after the complete testing of 9.1 Beta.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

I've not used any other tool.

Initial Setup

You need to follow the installation steps during deployment of application.

Implementation Team

I did multiple projects for BMC Remedy implementations, both server group and non-server group environment. All the projects had different business requirement, and all of them are live and running successfully.

Other Advice

It is flexible and can be used for any type of company, whether it's finance, or transport, etc. It uses ITIL standards, and has the flexibility to integrate with other applications and can also be customized as needed.

If you want your company to follow ITIL processes, want to use a tool which follows the standards, and is also flexible enough to be customized and integrated with other application or tools then I feel this is a good choice to invest in this tool.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: Elite Partner
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Jeevan ChaukarConsultantTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Overall I can agree with many things you have mentioned with some differences. Customer Service and Support is very strong as long as you are covered by "Premier Support" otherwise it is rather difficult to get things resolved at a decent pace. But then, that is very much their strategy (why would anyone buy premier support if it is not much better than regular support!). I don't see it as a wrong thing - but just something that one should be aware if thinking of implementing their products.

Disclosure: Currently BMC has no tie-up or partnership with my organization. I handle large, complex BMC Remedy projects and interact with BMC frequently on behalf of customer.

04 July 17
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