CA 1 Tape Management Review
It lets me know where my data is, where my files are, and what tapes are used, although sometimes it doesn't detect all chaining errors.

Valuable Features

My primary job is to make backups, backups a lot of backups. So being able to find out about where my data is, where my files are, and what tapes are used, is very valuable to me.

Improvements to My Organization

CA 1 is our intake management system, and it's just a one of the best products out there. I have worked with other ones like IBM, but CA 1 is the best. And it's easy to use.

Room for Improvement

Sometimes it doesn't detect all chaining errors and the reporting on them could be improved as well.

Deployment Issues

We've used it for over 20 years.

Stability Issues

CA 1 is stable all the time.

Scalability Issues

Very scalable. No problem.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I haven't had to use them.

Initial Setup

I wasn't involved in the setup.

Other Advice

CA 1 I'm sure 90% of the world uses it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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