CA ACF2 Review
This product ensures that data is handled only by those who should be handling it and only in the way that they should be handling it.

Valuable Features

This product provides excellent quality for security in the mainframe environment.

Improvements to My Organization

Basically, it ensures that data is handled only by those who should be handling it and only in the way that they should be handling it.

This product provides visibility and security as to how the data is being used.

Room for Improvement

There is always room for improvement in this product.

If possible, I would recommend to have an Eclipse interface which can provide simplicity in programmable access. This will help in putting together more flexible solutions that interact with the mainframe.

I am deeply impressed with the quality and depth and breadth of security and functionality in CA’s ACF2 and Top Secret products, but being as I was at CA World and answering a survey, I tried to think of a creative way for these products to be even better, and what came to mind is that more and more application-relevant mainframe solutions are getting Eclipse interfaces.

While CA’s DSI (Distributed Security Integrator) certainly provides a depth and breadth of functionality for distributed applications talking to mainframe security, I think there’s an opportunity to approach it from the other side of this coin as well, giving distributed applications developers greater ease of including security integration in their mainframe-resident applications from a development-environment perspective. Having an environment that is automatically “aware” of the security calls, resources, fields, arguments, etc., in mainframe security can encourage developers to think of security earlier on in the process and more comprehensively and validly when they’re dealing with these features in their mainframe applications.

Stability Issues

It is 100% stable.

Scalability Issues

The product is scalable. The largest mainframe shops can use it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support is outstanding.

Previous Solutions

We were not using any other previous solutions. ACF2 is the original, high quality mainframe security solution.

Initial Setup

I haven’t been involved in the initial installation but I understand it is a very reliable product to install.

Other Advice

Make sure that your people are well trained so that they understand the product properly, before they implement it.

Reliability, responsiveness and quality are important criterias to look for when selecting a vendor.

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