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The most valuable features of the solution is the gateway and the power of the gateway.

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Valuable Features:

The most valuable features of the solution is the gateway and the power of the gateway. The CA solution, as far as how it rates with other products in the marketplace, gives you one of the most robust sets of gateway functionality and security capabilities out of the box in a configurable fashion. Instead of having to actually write code to achieve those things, the CA Layer 7 product gives you the ability to actually configure a very broad range of capabilities and policies directly out of the box.

Improvements to My Organization:

If it's implemented correctly and you take advantage of some of the capabilities, like the ability to use APIM on the side and integrate that in with policies, it removes a lot of the weight of building all of those rules into the underlying services. It allows you to escalate that up and put that into policy management that can be managed in real time, which creates a faster move to market with capabilities.

Room for Improvement:

Based on a lot of the other tools in the marketplace, the user interface itself is more linear and programmatic based. For a developer it seems to be a very natural interface, but for someone that you'd like to get in there, just doing more configuration, I think there's an opportunity there.

Scalability Issues:

It's enterprise class software. It gives you the ability to scale and load balance, and based on how the technology is being managed today using a database as an underlying component that allows you to synchronize multiple gateways to the database. And then the ability to cluster the data technology. It can scale as much as you need to scale.

Initial Setup:

The initial setup and the configuration is relatively straightforward. I think the more challenging aspect of it is, like any solution that's an enterprise scale solution, is just getting the base infrastructure agreed upon, configured and implemented. Once that's accomplished it's very easy to configure and set up.

Other Solutions Considered:

Looking at broad capabilities, looking at stability of the company, today you need to look at vendors that are staying up with the demands of the market and where the market is heading, and making sure that the improvements being made to the software are in line with that. I think it's important to look at vendors that are releasing more than twice a year so that you can see rapid deployment of technology.

Other Advice:

It depends on the customer and the industry. Typically, the customers are choosing CA because of the broad capabilities of the gateway, the performance of the gateway; the gateway is one of the top performing gateways in the market, and security. It's absolutely the best security product in the market from a gateway perspective.

I give it a 9, because everybody's got room for improvement. I would definitely recommend the product. As you start looking at releasing APIs, some of the biggest concerns that we have are performance, because consumption is based on how usable the API is. When you start looking at the architecture that CA has put together in giving you the ability to cache information from the front side request, cache information from the back side request, and then create your own caching capabilities to improve that performance, that is a huge benefit and a huge consideration in making a product determination.

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