CA API Management Review
We are using it to integrate our back-end platform and our front end.

Valuable Features

We acquired this platform to give more agility to inter-development. We are using this platform, for example, to deliver a fast integration between our back-end platform and our front end. CA API Management enables us to very quickly create and manage the business rules, and do the integration. After this implementation, we reduced our lead-time in integration and development by approximately 50%.

Improvements to My Organization

It standardized all processes during development with the integration between platforms.

Room for Improvement

CA can provide more features to help with performing tests, for example, to create a month of simulated data to perform stress tests using the CA. In the past, we had to pay our client to create a database for us to perform tests using credit card information with simulated customers. We want the CA API management platform to include a specific module for creating this test database.

Use of Solution

I started my challenge there in March 2016, but the platform was implemented 2015. I received all the benefits of this platform.

Stability Issues

It is extremely stable.

Scalability Issues

It is perfect on scalability. Today, I can say we are performing at a rate of five million requests, or five million transactions, per day using this platform.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We are using local support in Brazil to help us during some specific integration between platforms; but it's very, very specific cases.

Other Advice

This API management software platform is great for us. We are extremely satisfied with the platform.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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