CA API Management Review
We have secured APIs, exposing them to the international and domestic partners.

Valuable Features

  • Availability of Security Assertions: Addresses all the industry security standards
  • High Flexibility: Allows policy-driven orchestration and security mediation, in a drag-and-drop manner

Improvements to My Organization

Thanks to this product, we have successfully secured SOAP and REST APIs and exposed them to international/domestic partners using the standard industry protocols.

Room for Improvement

The Policy Manager UI is very busy. It lacks a graphical representation for the flow of the assertions that can significantly improve the clarity of the policy. Thus the Policy Manager UI can be improved in terms of usability. For example, instead of policy assertions in the policy being in a line by line form, it could be represented as graphical flow, similar to how Vordel Gateway does it.

Use of Solution

I have used this solution for six years.

Stability Issues

We have not experienced any stability issues. The product has been very stable.

Scalability Issues

The CA API Gateway solution is highly scalable. It is very easy to add more nodes to the cluster, which increases the processing power.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support is excellent and very timely. The engineers are extremely knowledgeable, not only in regards to the product, but also in terms of the protocols and standards that are used by the product.

Previous Solutions

We were using Vordel Gateway, but it lacked the flexibility and integration capabilities that CA API Gateway provided at the time.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was very straightforward. CA has clear and concise documentation to walk you through the initial setup process for both simple and complex deployments.

Other Solutions Considered

Vordel Gateway and IBM DataPower. Both these solutions were evaluated from our end, before CA API Gateway was selected.

Other Advice

You should read the documentation.

Disclosure: IT Central Station contacted the reviewer to collect the review and to validate authenticity. The reviewer was referred by the vendor, but the review is not subject to editing or approval by the vendor.

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