CA APM Review
Has helped us in being proactive and provides a lot of in-depth data.

Valuable Features:

Deep Dive and Transaction Analysis Triage capability.

Improvements to My Organization:

We are introducing 10.1 in our dev environment and then prod down the road. APM is a new culture here so we are working with customers in getting them introduced to the product. Want to show them how deep dive provided by APM can help them with DevOps lifecycle as well as proactive monitoring. The previous version v9.5.3. we've had for about a year since we introduced a the product in our environment has been a good hands on experience for our users. Now looking forward to getting hands dirty with 10.1 and utilizing the additional capabilities. Will continue to show customers the usefulness of this tool and how they can use it to generate reports on performance of their app as well as the service it provides. There has also been reactionary situations where we have used APM and pin point the issue or able to narrow down the focus.

Room for Improvement:

User Experience is a BIG one. Integration of all of APM components into one swift deployment.

Use of Solution:

Over 7 years

Deployment Issues:

Deployment involves a lot of post-install config that is tedious and time consuming. Not to mention resource intensive from personnel perspective.

Stability Issues:

On Windows Platform, it’s not great and stable. We’ve had lots of challenges on that platform.

Scalability Issues:

Metric containment is a VERY BIG challenge for us. Customers want to see more metrics which is directly proportional to performance of the tool.

Customer Service:

3.5 out of 5

Technical Support:

3.5 out of 5

Previous Solutions:

Yes, we used a different solution but it was probably more political than realistic approach. It’s worked out for the better.

Other Advice:

It’s a great product and provides a lot of in-depth data. Focus and leverage this product as a deep dive one and have another layer above it (another high-level view product etc..)

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Ravi SuvvariReal UserTOP 5POPULAR

Correct, I concur with you.

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Nikunj m jain li?1426665689

Hi Manish. Thanks for your comments. There has been massive improvements in terms of User experience and configuration management. I am regular user and consultant of CA APM and 9.7+ has central agent management features that allow for better configuration management without getting on different machines that are already instrumented. At the same time, user experience has improved with CA APM WebView. Although, I do have to credit some of the competitors in terms of user experience. Every solution has its priortization in terms of what they wish to focus on, be it UX, technical aspects or wide coverage of IT ecosystems.

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Manish parikh li?1414333967

v10.x + has been a great features upgrade from v9.x I am looking forward to many more iterations that are coming down the pipe from CA APM's product team.

Good Luck

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