Broadcom DX Application Performance Management Review

Its single-window view of performance metrics, timeline, applications, alerts and heat maps provides a lot of data at quick glance, although the UI could use an update.

Valuable Features:

The transition to APM Team Center as the primary console in APM 10 will definitely be the most valuable feature.

The ATC shows a lot of potential on how we view performance metrics on the front-end and back-end connections in a single view.

An APM tool should have the capability to provide a high-level view of the monitored application and APM 10 is heading in the right direction by just doing that. A single-window view of performance metrics, timeline, applications, alerts and heat maps (DA) throw a lot of data to an engineer in a quick glance.

Another new feature may just have to be Entry Point Discovery. The capability of the agent to detect the application entry point and create custom pbd for this. Interesting concept of automatic discovery and prescriptive change.

CA APM strength is the Custom Instrumentation - just having the capability to capture performance metrics for classes and methods in the application makes this tool a elite candidate.

Improvements to My Organization:

CA APM is the go-to tool for any performance-related issues. It is always there monitoring the non-production and production environment. It is becoming part of the DevOps stack and becoming a key support tool for Performance testing.

The tool has supported many times in identifying slow transactions and the bottlenecks in applications.

Room for Improvement:

APM 10 has jumped leaps in feature improvement over the last few releases which in itself is an achievement.

The UI still feels a little outdated (though there is change) especially for Dashboards. New widgets and dynamic actions needs to be in place for this part of CA APM.

Integration with other DevOps toolsets. CA APM needs to provide easy integration capability with CI/CD and ALM tools which will provide strong value to all stages in an SDLC.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We implement CA APM for our clients.
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author avatarManish A. Parikh (BAE Systems)
Top 5LeaderboardReal User

Agree on APM10 coming a long way. Still LOTs of room for improvement, especially on CEM side. Need to seriously think about integrating into ONE product (from install, admin, and user perspective). That will be HUGE!!!

author avatarRandall Hinds
Top 10LeaderboardReal User

Thanks for sharing this review, Ajith. We've seen the APM 10 roadshow a couple times, but your write-up is far more informative from a user perspective. I really like your emphasis on DevOps needs, too.

Manish, I agree completely with your suggestion. CA acquires powerful capabilities, but integration is spoken to far more than actually implemented. It take more than updates on branding to call it an integration.