CA APM Review

There is little overhead, it has a very small footprint, and it doesn't affect the performance of the CPU.

Valuable Features

This solution gives feedback exactly the way that we need it with data specific to tasks, timelines, and analyses. It ensures we are making the most of our production and QA stages.

Improvements to My Organization

They tried to streamline the organization, that was the initial point of using APM. It led to so many internal changes, but it didn’t affect the organization much at all in the end.

But the good thing about the solution is there is little overhead. It has a very small footprint on the system and it doesn’t affect the performance of the CPU.

Room for Improvement

We will move to version 10.1 when the time is right, but we're exploring our options for something that will in-fact streamline our organization.

Deployment Issues

We have no issues deploying it.

Stability Issues

It’s very stable. We haven’t had a single problem with this product.

Scalability Issues

This solution is entirely scalable from our point of view.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I think it’s very good, you can talk to them and you get good support. We have never had an issue with the support from CA.

Previous Solutions

We used when it was still Wiley Interscope. Then they were then bought by CA, so it was a natural progression into the CA product.

Initial Setup

The setup was quite complex initially. They came to us and worked with us in-house, which was great to learn from them.

Other Solutions Considered

We have had big discussions about changing, but we have recently decided not to. We are staying with them for now.

Other Advice

I recommend that they should look at their options deeply.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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