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In an initial pilot it helps with Error Collection, Transaction Traces, and providing general info.


Before APM, all the support/information diagnostic retrieval was post-mortem. Logs retrieval with tons and tons of useless info would generate a report after several days of an issue, with no clue as to a root cause, but with several hypotheses on what was it. Now, different teams can get info even before the system crashes and can take proactive steps and find the exact point to focus their efforts to fix it.

Also, not only are the main services now monitored, but the main website with no transactions at all are included. This helps us to monitor customer experience and verify the correct functions.

Valuable Features

There are several types of products implemented and on each one there are different features used to remark the value of it:

  • In an initial pilot it helps with Error Collection, Transaction Traces, and providing general info such as Average Response Time and Responses per Interval.
  • Once it's implemented with application and backend services. After the initial feedback, almost all the other app owners start to review all the info compiled from the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) platform and they also check if their architecture maps are as stated and found by APM.
  • Service maturity when you can retrieve the normal metrics for every major aspect of each module and delivering this info to the correct eyes.

Room for Improvement

They need to add support for new frameworks, or at least provide a broader guide/perspectives to add them to monitoring specific agents to retrieve metrics with thresholds as a reference to guide the customer as to where they must go to achieve this.

Use of Solution

One to three years.

Stability Issues

The only issue is when the customer platform is really old. For example, where people are using client server apps developed on Delphi 1.0.

Scalability Issues

There are more issues with the app monitoring itself, since the architecture can be a little bit confusing, and in some ways even incomplete on paper. Several times after an implementation, there are a lot of other services involved and supporting the main app with the service owner not knowing, or to the contrary, the documentation doesn’t include this info.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Excellent, they are always calling and resolving issues. If there is a need to escalate it internally to get a fix or a workaround, they will do it quickly.

Previous Solutions

Several customers were using others like IBM Tivoli or an HP solution, but they don't offer an easy way to quickly check the state of the monitored app. Also, they didn’t offer a good customer experience.

Initial Setup

Everything is swift and smooth, even when a PoC is developed, it only takes five days to complete.

Pricing, License Cost and Setup

I just implement it and make it work to fit the customer requirements

Other Solutions Considered

We didn't look at anything else.

Other Advice

You need to check the requirements, such as the network ports, traffic forwarding, and the supported apps. Do not be afraid of the initial response from the stakeholders, and they will quickly become supporters.

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Randall HindsReal UserELITE SQUADTOP 5

If you didn't look at any other APM solutions, you go ahead and give this one a 5 star. Take some time to PoC with other vendors. I think you might find some perspective from Gartner or Forrester APM reports, too. Don't forget, ITCS has a nice report based on our "Real User" reviews too.

06 October 16
Senior Consultant at a tech company with 1,001-5,000 employeesConsultant

Hello Randall.. several other.. HP and IBM included... but while CA APM took only 1 min after restarting the app servers (with the APM platform installed in around 2 hrs) to start receiving tons of info / errors / metrics, others has taken a lot of time with not the same quality (more than quantity) info related to the app / service monitored.

06 October 16
Randall HindsReal UserELITE SQUADTOP 5

OK, my comment was based on this section of your product review.
Other Solutions Considered:
We didn't look at anything else.

I have had the same experience with IBM's APM, and I've heard the same of HP's. If you have the opportunity, Dynatrace and AppDynamics solutions would likely be of interest to you in terms of speed and quality.

07 October 16
Felipe Silva CastroVendor

I have a experience with CA APM and I like this solution, but I agree with Randal if you need a solution to troubleshooting see Dynatrace or if you need a inteligent solution see AppDynamics.

18 October 16
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