CA Asset Portfolio Management Review

In a fast era of technology, I was confused with lot of stuff at my desk. However, IT Asset Manager made it easier for me to handle a bundle of things at same time.

Valuable Features:

• IT Asset manager is a centralized stock list and inventory application for computer hardware and software resources of the company. • Helps to make better cost control, license conformity, and gives a precise revived planning for desktop computers. • Resilient and takes into account tracking and recording of resources and software applications. • IT Asset Manager makes certain that you do not have to buy on hand resources again, or that out of stock resources are not purchased, by assuming that they are existing. • Cost, time, and risks that relate to auditing of compliance are greatly reduced with the use of IT asset manager.

Room for Improvement:

• Composite and complicated software to comprehend at start. Users have to integrate with each and every computer for inventory. • Very complex to setup with Human Resource, help desk, procurement, and supply chain systems. • Complexity of setup makes management and maintenance of these systems complex and protracted.

Other Advice:

Usually manual inventory is done in companies for resources, but buying this IT Asset software makes enterprises free from asset management.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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