Broadcom Clarity PPM Review

It lets us get a holistic view of our projects, informing us of deficiencies. Enhancements to portfolio management would help us out.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are resource management and portfolio management. We have too many projects in our organization and not enough resources, which PPM allows us to manage.

Improvements to My Organization

Right now, it’s supporting project prioritization. That’s why we brought it in. It lets us get a holistic view of what the projects are and whether there are deficiencies in a given area and whether we are short on something. We’re not quite there yet in utilizing its capabilities, but it’s getting better.

Room for Improvement

Anything that enhances portfolio management will help us out, but we’re still struggling internally to fully utilize that capability.

Stability Issues

Pretty good. There are some hiccups in terms of our understanding of how the product works, and CA support understanding the problems as well. We didn’t understand that there are two components to PPM – in terms of the PPM solution and then the reporting is handled out of business objects. In our situation in on-demand if you run a report and then leave it up in business objects the time-out on the BO side is not the same as the time-out on the PPM side and it doesn’t synchronize and come across.

How that manifests- when it times out it makes my reports unavailable and can’t report anymore. We have a workaround for the moment. It took one or two months to even understand what the problem was, and CA didn’t understand either. CA provided a solution that was for on-premise versus our situation which is on-demand (cloud-based).

Scalability Issues

Not seeing any issues, but we’re only at 150 users. It could handle many more if we needed it to.

Customer Service and Technical Support

There were some misunderstandings when we set up our account in terms organizational differences within our business units, which we still need to straighten out with CA.

Initial Setup

CA directed us to a systems integrator who may not have been completely skilled in the product, or maybe our timelines were too tight. Our product knowledge is still incomplete in some of the areas.

Other Advice

It’s a big robust application that does lots of things that we don’t use or need to use. Because it’s so configurable, in that way it is very complex.

Reporting has been an issue for us, so what I would consider a fundamental report that links financials to actuals. Do due diligence around time entry and allocations because that’s really the engine that drives resource scheduling and management. In order to get the tool to work there has to be a lot of underlying data that have to be good. Getting resources to put in their allocations, getting resources to make sure their time sheets are completed, and getting PMs to allocate and assign resources are all key.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Manager177, Thank you for your review - good to read you are getting true value from the CA PPM solution. With regards to your reporting challenges I would advice you to contact your CA rep and ask for information on the New Self Service Reporting functionality that is available as of release 14.2. I feel that will help you out big time.