CA Clarity PPM Review

The near-immediate benefit was having all projects in one place. It has allowed for standardisation of reporting and statuses, and improved visibility across the organisation.

Valuable Features

  • Project list: exporting in excel for dashboard and other reports
  • Advanced reporting: new feature used for simple reports and dashboards that can be scheduled, which has made project data much more accessible and timely
  • Ideas: input and tracking of ideas
  • Task list (within the project functionality): used by us to track project stages and deliverables

Improvements to My Organization

The near-immediate benefit was having all projects in one place. It has allowed for standardisation of reporting and statuses, and improved visibility across the organisation - particularly to senior management. The aggregate reporting that this enabled elevated our position in the eyes of senior management, as it has allowed us to provide more-informed, data-driven recommendations.

Room for Improvement

Their agile solution is separate from their PPM solution, and really should be available together. Also, integration capability with larger financial and resource management systems would allow more organisations to benefit from their portfolio functionality much earlier.

Use of Solution

I have used it for five years.

Deployment Issues

Ironically, since going to the on-demand solution, we have had some inexplicable data and behaviour on our projects. The performance improvement that was promised was not as evident.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We took their 'on-demand' solution earlier this year. While it has been useful to just 'get to the problem' without having to get our SI involved, we are finding the amount of effort with their help desk trying.

Previous Solutions

We did not previously use a different solution. We were collecting singular project status reports on MS PPT, with little to no aggregate reporting.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was fairly straightforward.

Implementation Team

It was implemented by a vendor team. A huge lesson for us is to have our processes well defined - and preferably in use - before implementation. Because our PPM capabilities were so immature at the time, our team made many assumptions about how we would use the various functionalities and had those all implemented from the start. We have had a three-year journey of trying to roll this back.

Other Advice

Two pieces of advice:
  • Make sure that you have clear and defined processes prior to implementation.
  • Insist on an experienced and knowledgeable SI from CA PPM. They are worth spending the money on, and their advice, particularly on best practices, is invaluable.

There is a lot of potential for portfolio management functionality. However, integration functionality with other financial and resource management tools would go a long way, as it would allow for the input of the required information needed for portfolio management. For large(r) companies with established / preferred financial and resource management systems, it is unrealistic to expect them to move (quickly) to a new tool. For us, this has meant not using the portfolio management functionality at all.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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