CA Datacom Review

The stability and capacity of the database engine are the most valuable aspects for us.

Valuable Features

The stability and capacity of the database engine are the most valuable aspects for us. We have rather high CIC transaction rates with a couple thousand concurrent users at times, and DATACOM handles the data flow and availability, along with significant updating, in a very timely fashion. The VSAM-Transparency option has allowed us to convert files into tables, so that unchanged and maintained VSAM coding, as well as use as a DATACOM table, are both available to our developers.

Improvements to My Organization

One of the things that I most appreciate is that functionality that is being added to the product. Things we are now able to accomplish without an outage, and were not able to do in prior releases, include data reorganization, file size growth and file moves. This has enabled us to shorten our planned outages and to be proactive in improving online response times and batch throughput.

Room for Improvement

There are other 24x7 capabilities that would be nice to have, and some of these are currently in development.

Use of Solution

We have been using DATACOM since, at least, 1991. My previous employer had begun to use the system a couple years before I joined them, which was early in 1988.

Stability Issues

Overall, the releases are much more stable at initial release than they were ‘back when’. We did have an issue with a user-defined procedure call, which apparently affected only us, after installing one of the patch sets.

Scalability Issues

The more tables we activate, and the more data that we have, it seems that the engine keeps performing at least as well as in the past. Much of that is due to the improved use of system hardware capabilities and the ability to use more memory buffering.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support staff with whom I have dealt are truly top notch. They understand whatever issue or question we might have, and are able to supply quick and valid answers much of the time, or they fully engage in developing solutions when that is required.

Other Advice

DATACOM is a great database package, and the add-on features such as VSAM-Transparency and DL/1-Transparency, which I had at my former employer, really ease any transition.

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