CA eHealth Review

Good for capacity planning and pro-active monitoring

Valuable Features

Scheduled capacity reporting. CA Spectrum integration Proactive alerting on a number of variables ie bandwidth / latency Good overall view of device health

Improvements to My Organization

This enables us to run monthly capacity planning reports to have an overall view of the status of our network. It allows us to trend data volumes and plan for future activity / growth. We are able to take a pro-active to potential issues such as high bandwidth usage, latency increases

Room for Improvement

The Java gui could be improved, there have been no changes to this through the versions that I have worked with. Overall performance of the application is slow. It is difficult to replicate between each poller in the cluster - this could be automated. Configuring alerts within live exceptions can be particularly difficult.

Use of Solution

4-5 years

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: GoodTechnical Support: Good

Initial Setup

The installation was done by a supplier. However I found that the set up of discovery profiles and reports to be straightforward.

Implementation Team

Vendor, they have good expertise
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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