CA Endevor Software Change Manager Review

It allows us to see all code modifications and provides a smooth transition into production.

Valuable Features

Valuable features of Endevor include the ability to see all code modifications and a smooth transition into production.

Improvements to My Organization

Our organization now has standardized change management processes for implementation into production. With our old process, any number of people could have put code into production, but now Endevor is the only user who can touch production.

Room for Improvement

The parts of Endevor which we use do not need improving as they work very well.

Endevor offers many flexible processing options, but our organization does not use the product’s capabilities to their fullest potential. The processing options in our shop work quite well and are easy to understand.

Use of Solution

Conversion to Endevor began about nine years ago.

Stability Issues

I have not encountered any stability issues. Each version upgrade of Endevor has been stable.

Scalability Issues

As Endevor moves through the stages toward production, disk space can become an issue. PDSE structures resolve space issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Endevor technical support is definitely a 10/10. I have few issues with Endevor which require technical support. However, when I do submit an issue or question, response is immediate.

Previous Solutions

Our previous solution was an in-house developed system. The switch to Endevor was made because the in-house developed system was cumbersome to use and was lacking accountability.

Initial Setup

The initial Endevor setup was very straightforward. After setting up the system and subsystem information within Endevor, source code is ported into Endevor through a batch process. Endevor keeps track of components for each element, so one part does not move into production without the other parts.

Other Solutions Considered

I’m not sure if other options were evaluated. Endevor had already been selected by the time I joined the team.

Other Advice

Do not bring the current process into Endevor. Consider moving forward using standard methodology, and make the move to Endevor a priority project.

It’s a very nice product and runs without errors.

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