Symantec Identity Governance and Administration Review

End users now have an easier process requesting security access, although there are times when it looks as if it's available but a submitted request will get stuck.

Valuable Features

As far as valuable features go, one of the first ones is self-provisioning. The best thing is that our internal employees can provision their own access using the tool rather than contacting an internal group. Its built-in workflow handles all the needed approvals before it will provision the access.

Improvements to My Organization

The big benefit is that the end users have an easier process requesting security access. It’s a faster process for them so people get up and running faster and can do their jobs.

Room for Improvement

We’re in the middle of an upgrade with IM to 12.6. Once that’s done, we will get a better feel for what’s available; they’re deprecating some of the functionality in their provisioning manager product.

It would be nice to have someone at CA that can handle some of the more technical questions we have.

Stability Issues

We have some stability issues. We go through waves every few months where it goes up and down lot. The product will look as if it’s available, but a request you submit will get stuck. There will be times where you can’t even log into it and it’s completely unavailable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Our team hasn’t used their support directly, but our IT support team raises tickets and has a good working relationship with CA support. Sometimes getting a resolution is an ongoing problem. They are always helpful and there’s a good level of interaction, but we’re not necessarily always getting a solution. Sometimes CA points to our environment which could be the case, as opposed to their product.

Initial Setup

It was so complex. For us, it was a wholesale process change in our organization, not just the solution implementation, so it was lengthy. A lot of that time was spent internally going from one provisioning model to another. We had a lot of customization requests from CA who helped.

Other Advice

They’re reactive to our needs but don’t really understand our environment. A more in-depth understanding of our environment would help dig deep enough to help us get to where we need to be.

They should have a handle on the role methodology that they’re going to pursue and use in their solution. That can get out of hand and become ridiculously unmanageable. That’s where we kind of jumped in and didn’t have anyone to guide us and provide an alternate perspective. We got into a methodology before understanding that’s the road we should have gone down.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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