Broadcom Payment Security Review

I use this product to see the customer's previous IP addresses. It's pretty useful operation wise.

What is most valuable?

I work under fraud analytics. So I use this product to extract cases from there and then send it to Ops to review and analyze. Then mark it as either fraud or genuine. And if we get bad IPs from there, I add it up to our negative IP list. So it's pretty useful operation wise, and also in terms of some inquiries from us, if a customer is disputing they didn't receive an OTP password on their online transaction, and then they're disputing that it's not theirs, and it's unauthorized, but it was a successful transaction,

I use this product to see the customer's previous IP addresses. If they used it genuinely before then we ask them again, that this IP address or this device was used genuinely on these so and so days. And how come they say it's unauthorized. Maybe check if it's your son who used your phone or so forth.

What needs improvement?

In other scenarios we would require if you are saying someone has ported your phone to get the OTP from your phone, please get a certificate from your network, something like that.

It's pretty useful for our daily online pretty secure needs. So I don't know yet, I don't know yet. I'm still new as an analyst, but if I had wish it would be this one, this authentication for fingerprint and face would be promising.

That will solve my problems with a customer saying they didn't authorize, they didn't sent that OTP, when in fact we saw that it's a successful one, and how can you prove that it wasn't you? Yeah. Will solve that problem.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

I don't have any issues with stability.

They quickly respond to me, whenever I need help. It's not a show stopper for me, per se, but currently I know there's an issue with an IP address change that my colleagues in Manila can't access their website. They've been using it for five years though. But it's a conversation between the IP and the technology head in Manila to explain why their IPs has changed.

How is customer service and technical support?

For me they're really quick. if I need my password change, or I ask something urgently, I can get it.

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