CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control Review

Access control will never disappoint you. It's just what you need for security.

Valuable Features:

Access Control is used for the management of privileged identities and helps to improve security of information. • Facilitates temporary access to all devices, programs, or applications, as well as servers and audits, monitors and controls only privileged users from a management console at a central location. • Addresses all requirements that are important in managing privileged users or identities. • Automated privileged user logins to avoid theft of passwords and all user activities are logged and tracked thereby controlling what can be done in the system. • Provides a high level of security and complexity and it is therefore difficult to hack business systems.

Room for Improvement:

I have faced a few challenges due to the system complexity, as it involves two integrated authentication systems that have to be purchased. Access control is also very expensive. It takes time to deploy an authenticator to every privileged user but these can be overlooked because access control provides immense security benefits.

Other Advice:

New features that have been added to access control have immensely improved the management and access control of privileged users and therefore the safety of critical business information is guaranteed. Management of privileged users’ passwords for automated operations of application to databases and application to application, tracking and logging of privilege user sessions, integration that is advanced and automated, and PUPM logins, are the new features that have been added to access control. Access control has greatly prevented the misuse of administrator rights which is very rampant.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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