CA Process Automation Review

It help us straighten up the environment with respect to orphaned accounts, which means we're more secure. And while the different modules aren't so tightly integrated now, the new release fixes that.

Valuable Features

Ease of installation and maintenance – the role management functionality. We can do role modeling with our privileged accounts. Because of our type of our organization, we have legal considerations so Process Automation is an appropriate solution for us. For the end users it might be worse, but for the security division you get a lot of control.

Improvements to My Organization

The role modeling helps us to have more control over our users. It help us straighten up the environment with respect to orphaned accounts, which means the environment is more secure. So the benefit is more internal for IT.

Room for Improvement

Now there are five different modules, but it’s hard to follow what happens in each location, so we’d like to see the solution more tightly integrated. The new release should be more integrated.

Stability Issues

Very stable. So far, perfect.

Scalability Issues

It is scalable; we have doubled services across the environment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They were good. They helped us a lot from the beginning, from installation through the whole process. Not just their support, but also their professional services are top notch.

Initial Setup

It’s very complex, which is one of the disadvantages. There are a lot of modules to make the concept whole. We required professional services for the installation.

Other Advice

It’s working, but it’s complex. For example, when you provision something, you have take a number of actions in a lot of places to make it work, so it’s hard to have a holistic picture of provisioning. It’s not so nice buying socks, but you need socks.

It’s a long process to make it work – first you have to go through your whole IT organization to identify users and accounts and groups. So you have to consider the impact of changes in the process for the IT group.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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