CA Service Desk Manager Review

CA's Service Catalog is an outdated product

Valuable Features

The ability to add external databases.

Improvements to My Organization

In combination with Automation for Cloud Services, it has increased the ability to dynamically allocate Virtual Machines for test and development.

Room for Improvement

Pretty much all of its areas: It has a very outdated UX - circa Windows XP It has a lot of errors in its documentation. It has a lot of undocumented quirks and limitations. It has a lot of bugs. Its UX does not support HTML 5 style controls resulting in the need to build very bizarre workarounds. Its API architecture is not orthogonal.

Use of Solution

6 months

Deployment Issues

Yes. As listed above.

Stability Issues

Yes, in using the Service Catalog Editor it would periodically require that IE be restarted because of the memory leaks.

Scalability Issues

Yes. Because features like Copy Linked Service did not work properly, services replicated at various levels of the hierarchy had to be simply copied, resulting in a maintenance nightmare when scaled to a significant number of services.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: Horrific. Unless an explicit and costly "service issue" was raised through the enterprise support agreement, CA had zero interest in accepting problem reports. And when a request was made for improved or corrected documentation through the Enterprise support agreement, the response was "we do not receive enough such requests so no such support is available, - CA Services will contact you shortly to discuss providing this custom function".. No such followup contact was provided.Technical Support: Horrific. See above.

Previous Solutions

No prior solution existed. The main reason for the choice of this solution was because Microsoft System Center did not adequately present its support for Linux and thus management perceived there to be no support.

Initial Setup

Complex. Too many moving parts that are poorly and sometimes incorrectly documented.

Implementation Team

Multiple vendors

Other Solutions Considered

Yes. Microsoft Systems Center, IBM Tivoli.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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