Clarity SM Review

We've been able to manage the expectations of 180,000 users as if they were just one, although it still requires very technical developers where it shouldn't have to in 2015.

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature is its integrated nature. Compared to other service catalog and business process management suites, which are highly flexible, what you give up in those is the integration with other feature-set functionalities, platforms, and modules that would make up the rest of your IT organization. Hands down, the premier feature of the CA platform is the integrated nature of that platform. It's designed to work together.

Improvements to My Organization

Try managing the expectations of 180,000 users as if they were just one. That's how much it's improved our functioning.

Room for Improvement

I'd like to see CA continue to invest in the initial engagement of my end-users with Service Catalog. I would like to see CA continue to invest in form, design, and functionality.

From a developer's perspective, the biggest weakness is what you can and cannot do. I'd like to see CA continue to invest in reducing a need for technical staff to engage in process automation, vehicle limitation, and product design. I don't like to see developers in 2015 writing code for things that other companies have already figured out for a while.

Stability Issues

Service Catalog and the Business Process Management suite over the last 20 years have gone through unbelievable instability. Over time, you have all these vendors that are consolidating up into the large players. Provision was bought by Metastorm, Metastorm was bought by OpenText, Lombardi was bought by IBM. That's instability. CA needs to invest.

From our end-users' perspective, it's fairly, very IT. This is obviously coming out of IT's solution. If you're looking comparably and relatively across Service Catalog that runs in the process management space, CA fell behind. They need to invest. They have been and they may need to continue to, so there's huge weaknesses in form functionality. Form design, form functionality. There's huge weaknesses with respect to your general approach to a committed processes to automation. I still require very technical developers where I shouldn't have to in 2015. This is nothing that they haven't heard, and they're already responding. They are investing. They need to. If they're going to play in the States, they're going to need to keep investing.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I don't get involved in that. That would be more the development team and support team.

Implementation Team

I wasn't involved in the implementation.

Other Advice

Understand what you're buying.

If you're talking about just implementing Service Catalog and committing service delivery processes and automation, the organization can take the approach and adopt the strategy of, we're going to go and listen to our customers about what services they want and listen to our operations staff about how they want to operate and how they want to speak and how they want to do things. And that's a very highly flexible Business Process and Management suite. This is not that. This is, essentially, an ERP system for IT. There's going to be a certain element where the delivery team is almost informing, I know that's a horrible word, but informing, influencing the conversation of what we are doing to adopt a CA-driven data module. We are going to adopt the way in which CA intends IT to run its IT organizations, and we are going to implement a framework here. That's a very different approach. It needs to be an executive-supported and executive-understood.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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