CA Service Desk Manager Review

It's provided us many, if not all, of the tools that we're looking to use and implement in our system. We can't, however, simultaneously perform Quick Incident and Quick Request.

Improvements to My Organization

Before Service Desk, we were kind of flying a bit blind internally. With it, we're still in the honeymoon phase, but it's provided us many, if not all, of the tools that we're looking to use and implement in our system. And the online community has been excellent as well.

Room for Improvement

I'd like to see a Quick Request function. I think the reporting has been a little bit lacking as there are some basic dashboards, metrics and reports that we'd like to see that we've struggled to get out of their out-of-the-box system. So I'd say the reporting hasn't been quite as robust as we'd like it to be.

I think many of the good features are outweighed by some of the services and support issues we've had, and so again, we're still in the honeymoon phase, and we've got some struggles that we're trying to resolve. I think we're probably going through some growing pains.

Use of Solution

We went live in August, but our implementation lasted longer than the norm, so we had probably almost a two-year implementation.

Stability Issues

It's had a lot of weird behavior. It's been stable, but almost a little schizophrenic. A perfect example: We have a solution center that our level-1 analysts are primarily using. If there is a Quick Incident, they perform a Quick Request, but not together, and not consistently one or the other. We've brought this up with CA, saying, "We really need both, because these are people that are putting in 50 and 60 tickets a day, and the steps that they need to go through outside of Quick Request or Incident just take too long. Our metrics are really tanking because of this." And the response was, "Oh, well, you shouldn't have performed Quick Request." "Okay, well, we did, so now we want both." So we've had that discussion with them in development because we've found this inefficiency in the system.

Scalability Issues

We're not at that stage yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The community groups that we've joined have been excellent. We've gotten a lot of information from those.

Previous Solutions

We came from HP, and it was well past end-of-life to the point where we were pretty much holding our breath on a daily basis as to whether it would stay up all day or not. So we waited, probably, well past the useful life of the HP system, and that's what prompted us to start looking at not only a service desk solution, but we also wanted a more robust solution.

The CA suite has a larger availability of th ose modules that we could work together to get the whole package. We are using monitoring a bit, so we use UIM, and we just went live with SDM. And we, of course, use Service Desk. So the expectation is to implement as much of the suite as we possibly can in a step-wise fashion.

Initial Setup

It was not straightforward. We essentially pulled out a legacy system that worked our team to the hilt as we were bringing in not only a new product, we were also bringing in a new process. We were looking at how we could follow a certain methodology, so it was a double whammy for our staff to develop that, so our implementation took a little longer.

Other Solutions Considered

We did. We did an analysis that came down to two different vendors, CA and another, and we ended up going with CA for a couple of reasons. We have several people in the organization who had experience with CA. Also, we felt there was less risk because CA was established in the market.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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