CA Service Virtualization Review

Great tool & easy to use. Switched to CA Service Virtualization because it has better features compared to other tools.

Valuable Features

Virtual services

Improvements to My Organization

Efforts and time saving

Room for Improvement

Parsers, look and feel

Use of Solution

5 years

Deployment Issues

I have not experienced any deployment issues

Stability Issues

Very few but they were not blocker

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

We used rational integration tester. Switched because CA Service Virtualization (LISA) has some better features as compared to RIT.

Initial Setup

It was simple

Implementation Team

It was a joint venture

Other Solutions Considered

There are a number of tools that are available in the market for same purpose

Other Advice

Very good tool. Go for it...

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Database Manager at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employeesConsultant

Hi Kumar. You mentioned that you have also used rational integration tester. Can you please tell me which features of LISA are better than RIT?

23 April 14
Kumar Gaurav JainReal UserTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Hello Imran,
There are various features where I found CA Service Virtualization (LISA) to be better as compared to RIT (this doesn't mean RIT is not good). Here are several of the reasons:

- Virtual Services Creation
- Messages Recording
- Inbuilt functions
- Various Parser
- Virtual Services performance
- CA Service Virtualization (LISA) server and VS tracking
- Wide range protocols support etc.

27 April 14
Luke ClarkVendor

I am guessing that you had some specific requirements that LISA fulfilled because many users would provide the same, very general list, in favour of RIT.
It would be very interesting to hear a few more details.

24 March 15
Kumar Gaurav JainReal UserTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Great features of CA Service Virtualization are given below -
. Virtual services and every single component(they are in xml format, easy to play with)
. Continuous Application Insight (Path finder)
. Easy Performance testing
. Almost open source
. Great support team and communities
. Latest release DEV Test is ultimate. so many new features. Huge list, visit CA site
. selenium and mobile support

I think, it clearly shows class of tool.


25 March 15
Avigail SugarmanCommunity Mgr

Hi Kumar,

I'd be interested to hear about your use of Continuous Application Insight (Path finder). Can you share more info with the community?

25 March 15
Kumar Gaurav JainReal UserTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Major uses are given below Avigail -

Messages recording and test suite creation.
E2E defects tracking.

25 March 15
Test Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employeesConsultant

Hello Gaurav,
Can you explain how performance testing is easy by using ca Lisa.

25 May 17
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