CA Service Virtualization Review

It allowed us to fill gaps with the middleware software for an ESB application, enabling the test teams to begin testing before the hardware and applications were fully ready.

Valuable Features


Improvements to My Organization

I have used CA LISA in two organizations. In the first one, we were leveraging the virtualization capabilities to fill gaps with the middleware software for an ESB application. This enable the test teams to start earlier before the hardware and applications were fully ready for test.

Room for Improvement

The product is very robust and is obviously one of the front runners in the service virtualization space. Competitors have more user friendly user interfaces and some have front end systems which are easy to toggle and manipulate.

I have said many times that CA LISA is more of a technical programmer's tool, whereas their competitors are appealing both to the programmers as well as the basic user/business user/tester.

Use of Solution

I've used it for three years.

Deployment Issues

No issues experienced.

Stability Issues

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues

No, as compared to competitors, studies have shown that CA seems more scalable, although for the average consumer of the products, they are all head-to-head.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

While I have heard stories of varied levels of good and bad customer service from various clients, I have only experienced great support from CA.

Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

I have used both CA LISA as well as one of their competitors. When the competitor was chosen, it was due to overall capabilities and needs of the client, the cost, and the long term capabilities.

Their competitor offered an enterprise solution, whereas CA's costs was user-license based, and since the client wasn't sure of how many users we would scale to within a year, it was a better choice to go with the competitor.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was easy and occurred within 1 full day, including configuration and full setup.

Implementation Team

This was done with CA professional services and onsite training. CA provides very good support for their product, and was extremely helpful in both of the organizations where I installed the product.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

When you look at pricing, it is important to understand what you specifically need. The CA LISA/Virtualization product has various types of licenses. If you go with the super user license, you get all of the access, but you have to ask yourself if you really need all of the capabilities. And even if you do, you likely only need one or two licenses. The rest can have the standard user license.

Other Solutions Considered

Reviewed options with Parasoft Virtualize and HP's virtualization tools.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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