Broadcom Service Virtualization Review

We can emulate services to test against them instead of waiting on infrastructure. The automated generation of tests could be improved.

Valuable Features

We do testing, so obviously the virtualized service is going to be our big use. A lot of the times, services and/or components are not available, whether it's because the equipment is not available or is being used for something else. With Service Virtualization, we can emulate services to test against them instead of waiting on infrastructure.

And it does it pretty well. We do the recordings and get the response-request pairs. We also have development groups that are probably going to be using these services because they won't let us test earlier in the life cycle.

We're actually ahead of the development groups on this, and they're looking into docking it, but they don't know how use it and they don't know how to create their own services. So we'll probably create the virtualized services for them and we'll support it, and then the development groups will test against our stuff.

Improvements to My Organization

We're fairly new adopters as we've only been doing this for less than a year. Because we didn't know what we were doing in the beginning, there was probably two months of ramp-up when we had to learn, and now we're getting more and more comfortable and we're getting pretty good at it.

Room for Improvement

The features that I think we need weren't in 7.5.2 and the 8s. They're all going to be in version 9. These are some reporting and scalability features, as well an expanded virtual service in version 9.

The automated generation of tests could be improved. Right now, we have to generate them all ourselves. We want to be able to run that against the service and have it creates our tests.

Scalability Issues

It really isn't scalable, other than the licensing. We can pretty much test away and we can easily clone services if one group needs a slightly different variation.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support has been great. They've been supporting us well and had people on site, which helped a lot with our architecture questions. We had a three-day class, but that's not the same as really them helping us out.

Other Solutions Considered

No other vendors were looked at.

Other Advice

It's better than I would've originally anticipated. Just understand there is a slight ramp-up, but once you get past that, the value is really there. I think, wow, we can do a lot of stuff, save a lot of time, and save a lot of money.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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