CA Spectrum Review

A Complete Network Management Product that will answer most of the network related requirements of any Organisation.

Valuable Features

There are a number of features that make this product to standout from other competing products:

  • Easy implementation with scalable architecture
  • Seamless HA capabilities with no issues
  • Integrations with other products including both north/south bound capabilities
  • NCM - Network Configuration Manager for Device level configurations
  • Expert CA support for the product.

Improvements to My Organization

In our environment, I have implemented CA Spectrum in HA. There is also Spectrum SOI integration for alert forwarding. We have created global collections to group the infrastructure with policies applied as per requirement. Also the SANM (Spectrum Alarm Notification Manager) has proven to be very useful for managing critical devices and immediate action to be taken with email notification etc.

Room for Improvement

The only area which I found that can be improved is that sometimes issues come up with alert clearing i.e. alerts don't clear when triggered and clear events occur too fast. CA should come up with ways where the alert is not valid, Spectrum should be able to re-verify and take action accordingly.

Use of Solution

I have been using CA Spectrum for more than four years now. These four years include:

  • Implementation of the solution in production environments
  • Setting up of failover (High Availability)
  • Integrations with other CA products like CA BOXI (for reporting), CA Service Desk (for ticketing), and CA SOI integration through connectors

Deployment Issues

No issues with deployment.

Scalability Issues

Never faced any issues with scalability. As the network infrastructure grows, to add new Spectrum servers is very straight forward with almost zero defects in existing architecture.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

With expert CA Support, issues with the product can have a quick resolution so 4.5/5.

Technical Support:

CA Spectrum is one of the products from CA which has great technical expertise to support it.

Previous Solutions

I have been working on Spectrum from day one but I have experience with other similar products. I found Spectrum as being a complete network management solution with a great user friendly GUI.

Initial Setup

The best feature of this product is the simplicity of its architecture, which, once understood, makes the implementation very easy. I have never ever faced any issues with the initial setup.

Implementation Team

I have implemented the complete initial setup myself. I have also done implementation with failover (High Availability) and integrations with other EMS products.

Other Solutions Considered

There are other similar products from IT majors IBM, and HP but we found Spectrum to be the most suitable for all of the major requirements of my organisation.

Other Advice

I would definitely recommend going ahead with the product. It will able to answer most of the network management related requirements of any organisation.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Thanx Jai for sharing valuable info

07 April 15
Ravi SuvvariReal UserTOP 5LEADERBOARD

Very valuable inputs Jai; Thank you for sharing Ravi Suvvari

07 April 15
Dot Net Developer at Transport Corporation of India LimitedReal User

I want some documentation related to CA Spectrum. can someone provide me?

08 April 15
Jaideep Singh SraConsultant

@Pankaj, you can get the complete documentation in the Spectrum setup and if the Spectrum environment is already setup, you can download the documentation from the Administration Page of Spectrum OneClick. I hope it helps.

10 April 15
Spectrum consultant at a tech company with 10,001+ employeesVendor

Hi Jaideep,

Greetings. Good one though .

In valuable features list: I would love to see Spectrum's Fault Isolation mechanism.

Also, could be brief me on the alert clearing issue you are facing , so that I shall help you with :)


05 September 15
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