CA Spectrum Review

It is the perfect monitoring solution for customers' devices but the incident management needs to be improved.

Valuable Features

It is the perfect monitoring solution for customers' devices. Searching and locating of the reported device is very easy. The Discovery option is very great and fast solution to model a very huge network and also small networks.

Improvements to My Organization

It has improved our reaction time for incident management.

Room for Improvement


  • Incident management
  • Automation
  • Connection between Spectrum and some standardized incident tools

Use of Solution

Currently I have been working with this product for five years

Deployment Issues

Not really. Every tool has some strong and weak areas and they need to be tuned up from the beginning.For this we have the vendor support.

Stability Issues

No, I don't think so. Every unstable state has been caused by an incorrect configuration, by overloading, or by hardware failure.

Scalability Issues

It is a network infrastructure management software for device monitoring. I didn't meet with issues regarding the scalability as everything could be set up or configured.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

8/10 as I am well informed about any changes with the software or training as I am a technician.

Technical Support:

7-8/10 but sometimes I think that technical support could be more flexible.

Previous Solutions

No, I didn't use a different solution. I just have some skills with other umbrella tools, where I was able to see a behaviour and processes which are needed for operation.

Initial Setup

It's hard to say as every time it is a big challenge to implement any kind of the tool on our systems or improve them once in production. During the whole process we are faced with many more different situations. For this reason we have a testing environment. After the initial setup in the testing environment is complete, we are able to proceed onto the production process which is easier to do because because of the experience in the test environment.

Implementation Team

Yes, the first time we have implemented it we used our vendors support, and I am rating the person as 10/10 as they performed an excellent job!

Other Advice

I see many advantages for using this software except if you need it as a home solution.

When I started many years ago with the Spectrum, we did an initial screen of the application with a picture of my ca, Means the customization is possible with many ways.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Spectrum consultant at a tech company with 10,001+ employeesVendor

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your feedback. Just a few thoughts. SILENT install shall help in automation -- Connection between other applications, SBGW for south bound operations and notifier for north bound operations - other than native OOB integrations available.


17 September 15
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