Symantec Siteminder Review

We can differentiate between good logins with a genuine user and unauthorized ones.

Valuable Features

It provides us with authentications, authorizations, and basically providing the client with better secure services.

We can differentiate between the good logins with a genuine user and unauthorized ones.

It’s easy, versatile, and functionality-wise, it’s very user-friendly as well.

Improvements to My Organization

With SSO, we’ve been able to better serve our clients, and wherever these authentications are required we can effectively manage the authentications. The bottom line is that if the clients are happy with the SSO solutions we’re providing, we’re doing a great job and the product has been helpful.

Room for Improvement

I would say advanced authentication, but they have another product for that. SSO could be merged with automatic authentication, so if I want to use those services I could depending on our requirements, rather than having two different products installed.

Stability Issues

Like every other product there are things that need improvement, but it has been pretty stable. From a job perspective, it does what it is designated to do. Sometimes there are issues with non-sequential navigation, but when there’s an issue we get a fix for it. There are no issues with the core functions.

Scalability Issues

We are applying the solution to a lot of the platforms we are planning for, and we’re pretty confident and positive that it will be the best solution for us.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It’s good. Sometimes you have to wait for the right resources to come up and follow the escalation chain, but they’ve always been very responsible. I would like to get answers right away in most of the cases, not being sent offshore to have some analysis done. But I’ve seen that improvement in the past year – the customer service has improved.

Initial Setup

It was already in production when I joined.

Other Advice

We installed one version and there is a bug in it; from a customer perspective I would want that particular issue to be fixed rather than getting an answer that the bug will be fixed in the next version.

It doesn’t mean we’re not trying to address it from our side, but with clients on it, it does take time and we’ve got to keep in mind all of the consequences. If they could have those exact solutions for a particular issue that would be great.

You should understand their requirements before they select a solution. Then you need to verify that you have the correct infrastructure, resources, and that your applications are compatible with the SiteMinder solution.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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