Symantec Siteminder Review

The login experience is seamless navigation from one app to the next. The policy export/import could be easier for when we go between environments.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are:

  • Ease of deployment, and
  • It’s customizable within the user interface.

Improvements to My Organization

It helps protect our applications and provides identity management. It allows us to do business with third-party apps, and they’re a recognized industry leader.

For the login experience, it’s seamless navigation from one app to the next. It’s responsive and promotes ease of doing business.

Room for Improvement

Upgrade planning is extensive and costly and involves a lot of applications, so we’d like to see that improved. Also, the policy export/import could be easier for when we go between environments and when we export/import into our production environment.

There are some security risks that we’re evaluating with a current version of the product that might require an upgrade. From an upgrade standpoint, it’s challenging – not a simple, agile type upgrade. It’s a major upgrade that affects a lot of our applications.

Stability Issues

Highly stable. We have it pretty well tuned.

Scalability Issues

It’s scalable from one app to the next, and we already have the infrastructure built out to support it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They provide a pretty good service, especially as we’re entertaining additional products and services. We had an upgrade from R6 to R12, which was significant, which we managed through support. Understanding the urgency and sensitivity behind it, we got their account management team to come on-site and help.

Other Advice

It’s stable, the client experience is really good, and there’s an opportunity for us to improve response times. They could improve integration with other products in the suite.

Understand what their business cases are before they pursue a solution; understand where they have a need. Sometimes applications themselves don’t necessarily need to be integrated with something as robust as SiteMinder doing ID management, so I’d recommend looking at the business functions and what their needs are before they pursue the SiteMinder solution.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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