CA SSO Review

The most valuable feature for us is the user experience in being able to use one set of credentials to access multiple applications.

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature for us is the user experience in being able to use one set of credentials to access multiple applications. Also, I've never seen anything that does what SSO does. The first time I ever saw SiteMinder/SSO was in the early days of Netegrity, which was version 3.0.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows us to be able to collaborate with external partners, such as the government, in such a way that we're able to find out what they're actually looking for in a product we provide.

Room for Improvement

We've been looking for a tool that can help us do a better job of monitoring and of helping our users. Unfortunately, SSO doesn't really allow us to do that. We have to basically do it through brute force.

We've recently purchased a product called IdentityLogix which is going to help us do it. We looked at IdentityLogix for two-and-a-half years and we recently purchased a license from them. We'll be setting that up in the next couple of months. It should also allow us to see some analytical information that we're not able to see right now without doing, like I said earlier, brute force.

Currently, management wants to see how many authentications we have daily and monthly. And in order to do that, we have to write our own scripts based on certain logs, and that's not something I really want to do. If SSO could do that for me, that would really help me do my job better.

Deployment Issues

I haven't encountered any issues with deployment.

Stability Issues

We've been using SSO since the Netegrity days. So for the last ten years, we've seen some bugs, but lately much less than in the past.

Scalability Issues

We have a highly-redundant system. We haven't had to do anything else to scale it up any more than what we've already got.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We've had a designated CA support engineer for the last four or five years now. Some have been mediocre, while some have been really good. Overall, technical support is very good.

Previous Solutions

I used Netegrity 3.0 in a previous job.

Initial Setup

For the most part, the installation and setup of it with SiteMinder for the policy server aspect of it is fairly easy. For the web agent aspect of it, we've run into issues and have had to call support or refer to old notes from prior installations. For the most part, the setup is between easy and medium difficulty.

Other Advice

SSO is a very robust application. It's very easy to administrate and use. Users don't even know you're using SiteMinder or SSO. They just think they're on a website. I can tell by the URL that a company is using it, and I like that. It makes me want to use that company more often.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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