Applications see what's wrong with a transaction and make corrections.

Valuable Features

The transaction troubleshooting for the applications is the product’s most valuable feature. Giving the opportunity for those applications to be able to see what's wrong with a transaction and make corrections; giving them the information readily accessible.

At the same time, from a systems end, we use it for taking care of the everyday type of stuff that the applications don't see. We get on and hopefully keep the system up and rolling.

Room for Improvement

I think a lot of the stuff has to zero in and make it quicker. I think overall the SYSVIEW product right now has a lot of commands. There's a lot of panels. A lot of information. What we need to do is trim it down for the applications or the avid user. A lot of what they're doing right now, they're bringing in new hires out of college. We don't want to make it more difficult to use. We want to make it easier to use.

I think SYSVIEW has to sit down and look at the tool. That's what we're trying to do with them now, make it a little bit easier to utilize versus trying to remember all these individual commands. It would take something simple; develop a couple more panels, fast path panels.

Use of Solution

I have been using it for over two years.

Stability Issues

Stability has been pretty good. We have not had any issues with it lately.

Scalability Issues

Scalability has been 100%, too. We haven't had any issues with scalability. We use it on a lot of systems.

It has managed the transition very well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It takes a couple of prods once in a while to get technical support going. I try to convince them to say it is something that's valuable for everyone. Even if you go out and test the waters with it, you'll see that this kind of stuff that we're suggesting would be kind of nice. From that end of it, they've been pretty accommodating. They sit down with us and listen to what we have to say and then, we try to collaborate and come up with a viable solution, which is good. It's all we want. Because we don't see the whole picture from our end, they don't see the whole picture from both ends. We sit down and come up with a good solution.

I'm not too crazy about the CA community; it's kind of like Facebook or anything else, it's nice, but we go right to the jugular most of the time. If we need support, we go to support.

Now, the one good thing on the CA community is possibly the video clips that come out. We kind of suggested that and that's getting better. They're creating more and more. Now they have slacked off a little. I haven't seen too many developed lately. But they need to get more of those. I think they're used a lot. We can use them in our training and they're very valuable.

Other than that, my social is just to collaborate on a certain thing and get these votes. I say something like, “Hey I’ve got an idea, here's a vote.” I've put a half a dozen of them out there and they'll get no votes; no one looks at them. It’s the same thing we do when we collaborate on the sprint sessions. There's not too many people that voice their opinions. I think it's the same thing you know. They don't want to sit on the communities and they don't want to open their mouth in the sprint review. I don't think it's just unique to that.

It's good that people are listening. I just wish they would tell us more. For example, we went to a couple of sessions that they had locally in Pittsburgh; a CA community-type, three-day session. We ran on a couple things and at the end he said, "Oh yeah, by the way, we’ve got this now." Well, why didn't he tell us sooner?

If we have an idea, it would be nice if they come back and say, “Hey, we are working on your idea but we need a little bit more information.” But that type of information isn't really relayed. It's like a big wall in between. Even though they're working on it, they don't tell us.

Previous Solutions

We actually had two other monitors and we still have one. This product actually replaced one of the other monitors we were maintaining. We went through rather intense outlining of our pre-requisites - here's what we want - and CA actually took care of most of the issues. Our concern was what SYSVIEW didn't have and the other products did have; they accommodated us with it on time, within the specified time frame.

Other Advice

It's a good product. It's a busy product. We like it. I wouldn't tell them about the logs or the transaction history because that's my pet peeve that's been around for a long time. But I understand that SYSVIEW already invested a lot of money and time into the product, so we’ve got to come in from the back door. When I talk to other people or tell other people about the product, I actually tell them it's a good product. It does what it's supposed to do. The support’s good and that's the main factor right there. That's what you want out of a product.

I didn’t give it a perfect rating - I'd never do that – because there's some still more work to be done on it. It's a good product. It does what it's supposed to do.

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