We replaced BMC MainView with CA SYSVIEW for cost reasons.

Valuable Features

We're using CA SYSVIEW to monitor performance and availability on the mainframe. We replaced MainView by BMC with it. It was a cost savings for us.

Improvements to My Organization

It integrates very nicely with other products from CA, like OPS/MVS, and it's easy to learn.

Room for Improvement

There are some parity features, things you can do in a JES2 or JES3 shop, which you can't with CA SYSVIEW. For example, purge output from the spool. So better parity between JES would be useful.

Stability Issues

It has been very stable. We've only been using it for a couple months, but we haven't had any problems with it.

Scalability Issues

We're a pretty small shop, so I'm sure we can scale it up to what we need it to do.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is very good. They get back to us very quickly and usually have a very good answer. Even if it's one I don't want to hear, but they're good about that.

Previous Solutions

We previously used MainView from BMC. Our contract was up for renewal, and the sales lady offered CA SYSVIEW as part of the contract renewal. The pitch was cost savings, and it was priced better, so we went with that.

For us, vendor is general. It's mainly the product that we care about, but cost is definitely in there. This does pretty much the same thing that MainView does at a cheaper cost. That's why it won.

Initial Setup

I installed CA SYSVIEW. The actual product install is very simple. The web interface install is far from easy. The manual isn't very straightforward on that at all because it's pieces of a different product. Installing it on web interfaces was a challenge.

Other Solutions Considered

We didn’t evaluate any alternatives for this product.

Other Advice

Just take your time and set thresholds and alerts properly.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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