With experience, you can find any problems and resolve them. It makes the machine reliable and stable.

Improvements to My Organization

It makes life easier because if you are experienced enough you can find any problems and resolve them easily. Thus, making the machine more reliable and stable.

Room for Improvement

We would like to see better graphics in the next version, so that even less experienced individuals can find problems without much effort. This can help one to see the bigger picture and easily figure out what's going on.

It can help to display the data better and you would not need lots of knowledge to see what is going on within the mainframe.

Stability Issues

The stability of this product is excellent. We did not encounter any issues.

Scalability Issues

It is a mainframe product, so it only runs on the mainframe.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have used technical support and it is excellent.

Previous Solutions

We were using a different solution before this tool and moved over to CA because of the total cost. We already had a contract and an existing relationship with CA.

In my opinion, most of the products work anyway so it is primarily the cost factor and the product’s easy to use functionality, that are important factors while choosing a vendor.

Initial Setup

I was involved in the setup process. If you use the defaults, then it is quite straightforward. However, if you have to go through the entire process for the first time, it does take a little bit of time but is not bad.

Other Advice

It is a good product for mainframe management. It is a lot easier to install and maintain than most of the other products that I am familiar with, such as BMC vs CA mainframe management or IBM mainframe management tools.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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