CA UIM (DX Infrastructure Manager) Review

Highly scalable, highly customisable, but good luck working with support

Valuable Features

The ability to scale a single monitoring ecosystem across the world with relative ease, and the wide range of monitoring probes available.

Improvements to My Organization

Provides a single ecosystem for monitoring globally across PaaS, IaaS, legacy and hybrid infrastructure.

Room for Improvement

Customer support. Not up to the usual standard I am used to with CA. There is a huge amount of value support could add if they would give me more access to the right people, which is a relationship I am used to having with CA SMEs.

Use of Solution

Three years

Deployment Issues

Various low level issues with scaling. Not a topic that CA offer much assistance or real-world experience on.

Stability Issues

Yes but mostly related to the chosen architecture, rather than the application itself.

Scalability Issues

Yes, we addressed them internally, again due to lack of vendor support.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Poor when compared to other CA groups I have worked with.

Technical Support:

First line - excellent. Getting beyond first line - a battle.

Previous Solutions

Personally yes, but in this case it is the only solution capable of meeting the business needs - massive scalability, highly distributed architecture.

Initial Setup

Relatively simple, similar to other enterprise monitoring products. Most of the challenges are in matching your architecture to suit your monitoring needs.

Implementation Team

In house. I have had a single experience with a Nimsoft developer and they were clearly an expert in their field.

Other Advice

If you have a highly disparate estate across old and new technologies, Nimsoft is the only realistic in-house answer, prior to considering the customisation of open source alternatives.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: CA partner
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